Sample CareWhen screens

Get an idea of how CareWhen looks in actual use.
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The sample screens shown here are used by your office staff. Caregivers in the field use CareWhen Mobile app. Its user interface may be viewed in the following video.
 CareWhen Mobile

 Order Entry Screen

Scheduling begins with a Customer Order, and the corresponding visits automatically show up on the schedule. Multiple, periodic visits are as easy to enter as a single visit.

 Visit Schedule

Your agency's visit schedule is at the center of CareWhen. You can filter it in a variety of ways for convenient viewing. Individual visits are color coded to indicate their status.

 Caregiver Assignment

Assigning visits to caregivers is a snap with CareWhen, because the software tells you who is free, eligible, and capable of filling an open visit.

 Visit Approval Screen

All completed visits must be approved by your staff before forwarding them to billing or payroll. CareWhen flags them in green or red depending upon their status, as shown on this screen.

 AIM Messaging Screen

AIM stands for Agency Internal Messaging. It is used for exchanging messages among employees who have CareWhen site access.

 Agency Dashboard

View critical business information plotted in graphs for quick comprehension. Choose which information to display. Also view the actual numerical data.