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Industry leading home care scheduling

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Scheduling Done Right

  • With over 20 years experience in home care scheduling software, we build it right
  • Easy to learn and use scheduling with our legendary "visit status" colors
  • Visit conflict checking, upcoming & late alerts
  • Text messaging & internal "private" messaging
  • Pre-Authorization warnings and management
  • Find available caregiver
  • Extensive reporting
  • Management dashboard


  • Accurate scheduling
  • Complete control of caregiver scheduling
  • Eliminate paper and spreadsheet scheduling!
  • Huge increase in awareness of your workforce status
  • caregiver calls reduced

    CareWhen includes our mobile app companion (Android+iOS)

Mobile app for home care

24x7 access to work schedule

Caregiver Mobile App

  • Secure app for Apple and Android
  • Allows clocking in/out from client's home
  • Collects data on assigned care tasks
  • Displays client info and more


  • Caregivers love the convenience
  • Builds employee loyalty
  • Electronic Visit Verification (GPS, Signature)
  • Case in point*
    caregiver calls reduced

    A drop of 54% in calls from caregivers

On-time home care

You'd know if she were late

CareWhen signature verification

Client signature verification

Electronic Visit Verification

  • Ensures on-time, attentive care
  • Uses GPS location verification
  • Optional client signature verification
  • Creates an indisputable record of performance
  • Eliminates time sheets
  • Import State EVV "aggregator" records.


Submitting Medicaid claims

Instant Medicaid claims

Medicaid Billing and Auto-Post

  • Built-in electronic claim submission
  • Review, approve, create, and submit directly claim files (UB04, 1500, etc.)
  • Imports electronic remittance advice
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry
  • Also do "private-pay" invoices via e-mail or hard copy


  • Tremendous time and labor savings
  • Claim and collect every eligible charge
  • Case in point*
    quicker Medicaid billing

    Medicaid billing time reduced by 69%

Cost Justification

Our base price includes Caregiver Mobile App and Electronic Visit Verification. Only the Billing capabilities are optional.

The software easily pays for itself in time savings, labor savings, and revenue protection. More important, CareWhen paves the way for growing your business.

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Home Care Jackpot

Winning combination for revenue growth


From the owner of a Medicaid agency

There are just three of us in the office—a scheduler, a bookkeeper, and me. I know agencies of our size that have five or six people, but are still not sure if they are getting paid for every visit.

We don't have that problem. Our claims are submitted minutes after closing all visits. And payments from the State are verified minutes after receiving the remittance advice.

What's the difference? We use August Systems Medicaid billing software, and the others don't. I tell them, once you see how easy it is to submit Medicaid claims right from the scheduling software, you will never go back to the old way.

From the owner of a Private Duty agency

Since we started using August System's caregiver app and EVV, the results have been nothing but unbelievable!

Not even a single customer dispute, which we used to have regularly before EVV. No client complaints about an aide arriving 10 minutes late, or some such…

Nor too many employee disputes over pay, either. I just print the EVV report for questioning employees and show the actual hours worked.

Working with August Systems' customer support is a pleasure. Every time I call, I talk with someone who is knowledgeable and helpful. That's rare, elsewhere.

Why CareWhen?

20 Years Valuable Experience

Always available! CareWhen is 100% web and cloud based, access every home care scheduling or billing feature from anywhere with the Internet.

Market Leading. August Systems has been producing software products to the home health industry for over 20 years. Our experience and insight into emerging needs is a tradition. From telephony to GPS verification, our competitors usually follow our footsteps.

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Simple to Use! Agency staff will find CareWhen easy to learn. When you choose CareWhen, we provide initial training to get you up and running quickly!

Support! Expert help is just a phone call or email away. We take as much pride in our customer support as in product technology.

Continuous Improvement! Our experienced marketing and software team are dedicated to new market leading features that solve problems for agency owners and staff.

Beyond Basic Scheduling

* Case in point: The statistics cited above apply to a mid-size Medicaid agency. They were derived from an analytical model called Beyond Basic Scheduling.

The model estimates efficiency gains possible at any agency that implements one or more of the three software capabilities described above.

If you would like to learn how much benefit an agency like yours could obtain, we will be happy to run the model and send you the results. It will only take a few minutes of your time, but will provide valuable insight into the time and labor savings you could achieve.